Sunday, 19 April 2009

Off at a tangent

There is a radio advert being aired here at the moment, and although the subject is really a very serious one, every time I hear it I can't stop myself laughing.
Perhaps the USAs mania for labelling everything so people don't sue is beginning to rub off here in the UK? After all why else would they have to say part way through the advert, which is about a bowel cancer testing kit, [see told you it was serious!,] an instruction to "Take the test in the privacy of your own home!"? I would have thought that instruction was blazingly obvious, being as we are civilised people and do not just squat down as and when the urge takes us.

I'm sorry, but I do find the instruction superfluous. I can't say anyone comes to mind who would blithely fill their sample container in the public eye. Perhaps I just don't know anyone daft enough.

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