Sunday, 31 August 2008

Where did they go?

If you are a regular reader of this load of drivel, you will know that I work in a school.
We are back on Tuesday for the new school year, although my youngest isn't back until Wednesday.
What I want to know is, Where does the time go?" It doesn't seem that long since it was end of term. More to the point, have I done what I hoped to do during the break? The answer to that one is simple, NO!
The medication I got from the doctor knocked me sideways for a while.
I have managed to keep up with my swimming, and managed to walk the dog most days, so am happy about that.
I have also read quite a lot of books, and started a patchwork quilt for my own bed.
And painted about a 1/3 of the walls and ceiling in the back bedroom. I hope to paint more tomorrow.
But!!!! my ankle has been aching quite a bit the last two or three days, so I think at some point I may have over done things. Probably on Friday, when I got up early, then was busy until around 4-4.30 in the afternoon.
Old Bean is now safely out of the path of Hurricane Gustav. Just typical ain't it, the hurricane decides to arrive on a USA holiday weekend! I know it's serious, and my thoughts are with them.

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