Friday, 22 August 2008


My youngest came into the living room while I was watching TV , having my random thoughts of the earlier post. He announced, "I've made a bit more room in the glasses cupboard, Mum. Things will fit in a little easier now."
cheeky monkey! He'd broken a glass.
Mind you, he's right, things will fit in better now.
I wasn't cross, but who could be when he cleaned all the mess up himself, well he is 15, and put it so uniquely?
It happens in spates here, glasses and crockery getting broken. There's plenty more glasses, except they are either pint ones or smallish tumblers now, no half pint ones left. What's the posh name for them, Hi-ball glasses?
Should I make my son and his gf eat at Maccy Ds to collect some their promotional glasses? Or just offer visitors teeny tiny drinks, or huge ones. (I do have other glasses, but they are no better as they are champagne flutes ...from waaaaaaaaaaay back, when they used to give glasses away with fuel at garages.)
Nooooooooooo, don't want to be accused of cruelty.

And before I go, the weekend started in true style.
Earlier on there were 2 police vehicles outside, a tow truck thing, and what I can only guess was a stolen Corsa. The Police loaded the Corsa onto the tow truck doodah, and it was taken away, and I heard through the open window something about, driving without a license and insurance. Guess the scruffy looking individual was a TWOCer. And it's only Friday evening!

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