Wednesday, 6 August 2008

My List

Al right then! I swiped this from Complex Femme's blog, who in turn had lifted it from elsewhere and I'm going to see if I can manage the whole thing...

Here goes ...
The challenge is to make a list of my favorites. There can be only ONE answer to each question.
So here's my list of favorite things .... But as this was originally an American list, and I'm from the UK, I'll give UK answers.

1. Sport: show jumping/gymkhana (to watch)
2. Game: Othello
3. Color: purple
4. Movie:Sleeping with the Enemy
5. Broadway play: None seen (Can't remember the name of the Stephen Berkov play I saw back in 1987, but that is the the equivalent, and only one I've seen)
6. Broadway Musical: (None seen in London.)
7. Song: Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday
8.UK city I have visited: I live near Lancaster, but other than that Manchester. :D
9. Foreign city I have visited: Not a city, but Lorient in southern Brittany, France
10. Book: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
11. Classic television show: Poldark
12. Recent television show: Doc Martin
13. Actor: Nigel Havers
14. Actress: Julia Roberts
15. Perfume: Oceanus by Body Shop
16. Food: curry, the hotter the better :D
17. Dessert: Cheesecake
18. Chain Restaurant: Don't have them much in UK
19. Local Restaurant: Saffron
20. Car: MGZR :D
21. Condiment: Vinegar
22. Kitchen Appliance: Braun hand blender
23. Home Appliance: toaster
24. Beauty Product: shampoo
25. Piece of clothing: purple and black goth dress
26. HGTV Show: what is this? guessing something like our freeview, so Top Gear on Dave
27. Food Network show: don't have one, but Gordon Ramsey
28. Male Songwriter: The Bees...they are all male
29. Female Songwriter:Shania Twain
30. Holiday: Midsummer
31. Ballet I have seen: Swan Lake
32. Disney character: "Mickey Mouse as Sorcerer's Apprentice"
33. Flower: Iris
34. Alcoholic drink: Soave
35. Non-Alcoholic drink: Water, plain ordinary tap water.
36. Magazine: Cross Stitcher
37. Animated movie: Fantasia
38. Television network miniseries: Don't have any in UK really
39. Season: All 4
40. Male vocalist:Robert Palmer
41. Female vocalist: Pink
42. Day of the week: all
43. Household Chore:Cooking
44. Ice Cream: Vanilla
45. Candy: Liquorice
46. Artist:Renoir and friend Piers Bishop
47. Quotation: "Don't Panic" H2G2

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