Friday, 22 August 2008

Random thoughts

Do random thoughts come into other people's heads unbidden? I don't think I'm the only one this happens to.
After eating tonight was watching something on the TV, and for some reason this question popped into my head.
"How do you find out you can sword swallow?"
What sort of thing is the person doing when they find out that they can sword swallow? Trying to commit suicide in a unique way?
Trying to dislodge a stuck piece of food?
Staving off a murderous attack in the only way possible?
What sort of sane person picks up a sword and sticks it down their outstretched throat, after all, if you've done even the most basic biology you would know that around 6 inches down it starts to get twisty.
One on from this is fire eating, or is it? Perhaps I should have asked my friend who fire-eats, what made her decide to give it a try? Mind you, on reflection, fire-eating isn't as bizarre as sword swallowing. And lying on a bed of nails, well so long as you don't bounce up and down I can see that working as your weight is spread over the area, and the nails are fairly close together, aren't they?
Fire-walking is another one that puzzles me, why not just go around?
Perhaps some kind soul will read this, and have the answers, then again, maybe not! More likely to just get even more imponderable questions posed.

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