Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Why? Again!

Why is it news that a bobsleigh team person's "bodysuit" split?
Are we so short of real news that sensationalist crap makes the headlines?
Only pervy people would wish to watch video footage of this.
Are the "News" reporters getting to close to their stories? Who knows?
I for one am against "sensational" reporting...after all...there could be several reasons behind any story..but we are just supplied the most sensational, and it is repeated so many times that the general public begin to think it should/must be true..otherwise the news media would not report it.

In defense of the bobsleigh team member...perhaps the bodysuit was well worn...thread eventually becomes weak.
After all most people have had a pair of trousers split on them...when they would really rather they hadn't.
News is NOT idle chatter...real news is significant events that affect a country or the whole world.
All the bodysuit splitting report probably did was embarrass the bobsleigh team member,.

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