Friday, 8 January 2010

New Trend?

I have just read this "news" story.I'm sorry, but all us "fidgetters" know that knitting is unique, likewise sewing. That is why we sew, knit crochet, etc. In order to produce clothing and other items that are unique, as even if two people use the same knitting pattern, nine times out of ten they will select different yarns, so get different looking results.One other thing, us "fidgetters" are more likely to experiment and create something completely unique.I'm sorry, but just because a "celebrity" picks up a pair of knitting needles we hear about it, bet we don't hear about their mistakes!Can we please have some real news for a change, after all, will it make the front page if Madonna drops a stitch?

I have posted this post on here and on Fidgetty Fingers, my craft blog.

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