Tuesday, 5 January 2010

What happened to the snow ploughs?

Everywhere is saying that they are running out of grit........
Hold on!!!!!
When I was young I used to live where it knew how to snow...and did do EVERY winter!
Before the roads were gritted the snow ploughs would be used to clear most of the standing snow on the roads, and then they would grit the ploughed roads.
A few years back..I said in jest that perhaps the drivers didn't know how to attach the snowploughs to the vehicles, now I'm not so sure!
Perhaps they don't even know what the curved pieces of metal...that look a little like bulldozer buckets, are for.
I don't really understand why this snow has caused such a problem. I remember, very distantly, some very cold snowy winters, but I also remember that the roads were cleared quite soon.
Is it that the snowploughs have been lost, or are we more reliant on our "family cars" these days. After all...when I was young you were "posh" if you had a car, and most freight went by rail for the bulk of its journey. Now catching a bus , train, or walking is looked upon as a "poor man's" mode of transport....if you have a car and choose to walk you are eccentric....ok that's me...what is everyone else's excuse?

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