Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ice and falls

yesterday I walked down to voice therapy.
We don't have much snow here, just compacted ice, which is very tricky to walk on. I slipped a couple of times but didn't go over, then with no reason I fell. It must have looked comic, as my legs shot out to my right, and I landed heavily on my left hand side.
Today I have huge bruises on my left elbow and hip, and curiously around where my boot comes up to, which illustrates the force with which I fell.
I ache, and sleeping last night was not easy, as I tend to lie on my left side.
I think I'll have to use some arnica or something before I go to bed tonight.


Jen said...

Arnica is grat for bruises. Lucky you didn't do more damage. One of my students fell at another school where she has lessons and broke her wrist. She plays the violin.

Chatters said...


Hope your feeling better now.

Sea said...

the elbow bruise has gone, but the hip one persists