Sunday, 8 March 2009


Hmm....the "neighbours" have either been very sedate of late, or I have been sleeping deeply. Haven't been woken by yelling for ages.
In my last post I did say that it would get windy here. It has been today, with the highest being 40 mph winds. Unfortunately high tide is not in daylight, so I couldn't see the rough waves.
This website is great for seeing exactly what the weather is doing here.

In the past I have blogged about unanswerable questions, here's another one along the same lines. Why do some folks ask you how you are, then take absolutely no notice of your answer? What is the point of asking? If it is how they have been brought ask after a person's health, they were probably also brought up to listen to the answer. Sorry for having a moan about this, but there are two people I encounter every day, who repeatedly ask me "how are you?" then act in a way it is patently obvious they haven't listened to my answer. Next time I don't think I will bother answering.
That's my gripe over.
I caught up earlier on Book Addicts Anonymous, a blog I share with Blue. I'd recently read some books and not blogged about them. So it might look like I have read four books at once, but I haven't.

It's my Dad's birthday next Saturday, and I rang up a company to arrange his present, and was asked if I was over 18, as the present is a meat cleaver. I said, yes definitely, and it was for my Dad anyway. The woman laughed and said, "well, we have to ask". I knew she had to, it just seemed funny being asked.

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