Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mother's day :)

It's Mother's day in the UK today, Sunday 22nd March 2009.
Have been slightly spoilt today.
Sam gave me some Guinness and a Guinness glass, she also made me breakfast in bed..."get back in bed Mum!", dinner and tea.
Edwin gave me painting of an owl that he had done, and Oliver sent me text saying that he'd forgotten that there's no post on Sunday, and I have to look for postie tomorrow.
I feel spoilt today, for just being me, and doing "my job"
It has taken my mind off the fact that someone very close has found out their cancer has spread and they need an op. At best he will lose some of his voice. This has made me quite sad, I love him so much, and I know that he knows I love him, even though we never say such to each other any more, on the odd times we talk. after all, he's not supposed to talk at all.

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