Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Full of a cold

Woke up this morning, my throat feels like cats have been trying to get those birds out, [felt like I have feathers in my throat the last few days.] Nose blocked, have coughed so much my chest aches and have strained a muscle in my stomach, oh! and someone has put cotton wool in my head. I feel terrible, nothing tastes of ANYTHING!

So, am not at work, oh! forgot...feeling very tired as well.

I've sewn all the loose ends into the scarf I have made and now it is going to go flying, but the person who will be receiving it will have to wear it looped around their neck, as they aren't as tall as I am. I hope she likes it. The first picture is of a hat I made, that Oliver claimed


Blue said...

LOVELY scarf!!!!

Helen said...

I see the knitting is taking off :) The scarf is lovely.

Sea said...

I haven't knitted much for around 16 years, cos when my third child came along, he thought it was fun to unravel the balls of wool, and pull the needles out of the work. I switched to cross stitch. Plus studying for a degree and doing up my own house after my divorce left little time for knitting.