Sunday, 29 March 2009

Clocks forward

Last night/early this morning , the clocks went forward onto BST. When this happens I usually change the clocks early evening and take what time they show as the true one. Not so bad seeing as I don't watch loads of TV.
I slept until 12.20 today. And am not sure where the rest of the day has gone to.
I did go into Lancaster with Samantha, and visited the bookshop, hey! anyone who knows me would know a visit to Lancaster without calling at the bookshop is nigh impossible. Yes, I bought some books, my books are equal to other people's night's out. At least that is my excuse.....and I'm sticking to it.
After the visit to Lancaster I went down to the market here, bought some wool, vegetables, and other bits.

Oliver is back from uni, and he didn't bring me a huge bag of washing this time. Thanks Oliver!

The horrid chest and throat bug I have had has almost gone, plus the doc has put me back on blood pressure pills, so things are much more under control now. It was scary coughing and sending myself so dizzy I felt like I was going to keel over.
Will be back at work tomorrow, not 100% better but much better than I was this time last week.

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