Thursday, 8 January 2009

Twelfth Night, again

I just thought I'd put a short post here.

We did go out as planned on Twelfth Night. Firstly we called at the bowling alley, where Sam works and had a game of bowling. They were very kind and let me bowl in my Doc Martens. (There's no way my insoles and my feet would fit in bowling shoes.)
Sam won the game, but what else can we expect? After all she works there, even if it is at the bar. I came a respectable second, which is amazing, seeing as I haven't bowled for well over two years. [By the way, Sam has "staff games" so I reckon she gets lads of practise in.]
We then walked to Saffron, with our bottle of wine. [Non licensed place, but charges "corkage"!]
The meal was up to their usual standards, and Edwin has started to eat curries, albeit mild ones, so we all enjoyed the meal. Sam didn't know Lime Pickle was hot, and tucked into it after seeing me doing so, whoops, sorry Sam!
We then walked back home and Sam and I took all the decorations down.
A lovely evening all round

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