Thursday, 8 January 2009

Gobbledegook available at no extra cost

As regular readers of this may know, I work in a school. To be more specific, two of the six hours I work are in the printroom, printing resources, letters home, etc.
A little before the winter break the HR person sent a memo to all staff that letters home should be submitted to the office to be put into "house style". As some letters had gone home with glaring punctuation and grammar mistakes, etc.
At the time of this memo, it was received badly, and I jokingly said that you had to send your letter to the office to have the standard number of mistakes inserted.
Letters once they get to the office are completely retyped, even if they are submitted electronically, via the school network. {So someone doesn't know how to change font type and size without retyping!} This retyping gives rise to the mistakes.
Anyway, the school nurse, following the instructions of said memo, gave the office a letter home outline. All it needed was the correct address and closing thanks to be added. Simple you might say, not for our office. This letter has now been sent home to EVERY pupil's home, via the pupils. And the way it is worded suggests that if you have chicken pox or measles you are in danger of contracting Leukaemia from another pupil.
I tell you...the lunatics have taken over the asylum!

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