Sunday, 4 January 2009

Back to work tomorrow

I think I managed what I promised myself I would do this holiday. I'd promised myself I would rest as much as possible, due to the fact I seemed to pick one bug up after another before Xmas.
I've done lots of knitting, mittens, and will add photos when the finishing touches are added to the last pair. I experimented making mittens from the "fur" type wool, and ended up with slightly "magic" mittens. You know those that stretch when you put your hand in.
I have also sewn the re-usable shopping bags I had ready to sew, done quite a bit of reading. So, I think I have managed to relax. The only problem I have had is one with sleeping, but last night I slept 12 hours, after having 4,( or was it 5?,) nights badly disturbed sleep.
Have caught up with housework......nearly, but the tree and decorations are NOT coming down until 12th night. Although not religious I do like to keep the decorations up until then.
I just have a tiny bit of ironing that needs doing today, then I can relax for the rest of the day.

Oh! I forgot, I got a lovely late pressie from Blue, a knitting calendar, and two books. I had to laugh when browsing the calendar at one of the patterns. It's a skull and crossbones dog coat, better not let Sam see that, or she'll have me turning the dogs into pirates.

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Blue said...

I am very relieved you got a good amount of sleep last night.