Friday, 9 January 2009

200th post!

I spent most of today in bed, when I got up for work I felt soooooo sick, and the other, coupled with a horrendous headache. I went back to bed, slept solid through to 1.30pm. Then back to sleep until 6.30pm.
The headache was still there, but everything else had gone.
Tea did not come back at all. [Am glad about that as I adore gammon]
The rest of the evening I let TV wash over me, not really taking anything in.

Am not particularly sleepy at the moment, but then again, I have only been up 5 hours.

My daughter, Samantha, has one of the new Google phones, it has an inbuilt bar code reader, and you can battle products against each other. The best she has found is in the milk, a level 7 Samurai that is kicking every other products arse. Her friend, Olly, has found a level 8 in something. Everything in the house with a bar code is being scanned and battled against the milk.
Yes.....I have to live here to totally appreciate it.

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