Thursday, 8 January 2009

Pandas are BEARS!!!!!! Get It?

I was just reading the home page of my browser when I found this story.
This is not the first story about a giant panda attacking a human in recent history. In fact, this particular panda has attacked before! The person in this story is also Chinese, where most of the wild Pandas live.
Pandas are BEARS! Simple fact. Why are people shocked when one attacks?
Blue said in conversation about this news article that it is that pandas are only ever pictured sitting on their "fat arses eating bamboo". Fair enough, but pandas are a member of the BEAR family, and no one would ever think about climbing into a Grisly Bear enclosure, or even a Black Bear enclosure, or for that matter a Polar Bear, so WHY climb in with a panda?
It's like playing Russian Roulette, there IS a chance you will get hurt.
That's enough now, I'll go have a cold drink....It just annoyed me. Here in the UK there would be signs saying "This animal is dangerous" and something like.."on no account enter the enclosure"
Perhaps Chinese Zoos do not have these might be a way of population control, who knows?

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