Monday, 21 April 2008


I've had a very busy day today.
Waking at around 6.30am, then dozing until 7.30.
Went for a swim, dropped Edwin and his gf at school, right next to the pool.
Swam 16 lengths without stopping, must try to extend that, but am sure if I was still seeing physio, he would tell me what I'm doing is good!
Then I saw Ratty at work, discussed me going back...I need to contact my solicitor about it, before I contact the personnel peeps at work.
Got back home, intended walking dogs before going to Asda, but Mr Casson rang, my sewing machine was ready to collect.
So.....I went to pick my machine up, then went on to Asda.
Had dinner when I got back, then have chilled since then
Machine is sewing great now. Pity I can't just cut off the excess of my tummy.
Although I did shorten one of the t shirts I bought.

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