Friday, 11 April 2008

Been bothering me

Something happened a couple of weeks back now, and it has been bothering me.
The best way to relate what I has been worrying me is to put the e-mail I sent my friend about the incident.
Here it is;

Do I just pretend the incident that happened this morning , didn't happen?
If I'd been out for a walk, or something and a total stranger had flashed at me, and invited me to do"something" about it. Would I really have laughed and walked away like I think I would?
But's very different when you get a phone call from someone you look upon as a friend, (and they are old, ) and you think they might be having trouble. Getting out of bed or some such thing, and they do the equivalent of flashing at you.
I feel quite shocked at the moment, and am having trouble getting my head around this. I was being invited my a tart. This person knows I have a partner, even though I don't see much of him.
It's upset me.
Dunno what to think.

The person concerned has apologised for their behaviour, but since then I have not felt at all comfortable around them. There are also other events that have supposedly happened in the past that I now find myself questioning. Did I believe the wrong person? If I did, many others did as well.
It seriously unsettled me, and still does now.

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