Thursday, 17 April 2008


Just a quick up date on the problem with my sewing machine.
After a good night's sleep I tried again to see what was wrong.
After changing the needle, thread, switching it off and on again, still nothing.
So I took it to be repaired/serviced. The man said that the timing was out, but he should be able to fix it.
Then I came back and tried to sort out my old machine, as it was refusing to sew as well. The man, Mr Casson, had told me what could be wrong with it, and after oiling and cleaning it, the machine still had the same problem. So when I pick my other up, am going to take the old one, so he can tell me if it is worth fixing it. As it has a metal body, and drop-in cams, it will probably be worth fixing. If not I'll have to consider getting a "stand by" machine, as I am seriously considering selling the messenger bags.

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