Sunday, 29 November 2015

The final part of the upheavals.

This next week I have three interviews for posts at work. I hope that this time next week I will feel much more secure about my future.
Today's task, which I can't put off any longer, is filling in the application forms. Why we have to do that when the school already has a record of our qualifications, I am not altogether sure. Seems a pointless exercise, I can see the point for supporting statements though.
I'm apprehensive about it, because until they were told to remove the arbitrary ring fencing, I didn't have much option.  All this still feels like a deliberate attempt to get rid of me, and others. But, what they couldn't have anticipated was that some other staff have become so disheartened that they have resigned.
I really do love working where I do, just hate the atmosphere all this has caused.

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