Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Are good manners dying out?

You might think that is a strange thing to ask, but what has prompted me to ask is the emergence of this photo on Facebook.
Facebook. Click on the link to see the story.
I hope that works.
But it is a photo of a bus driver, asking you to like if you say thanks to the bus driver.
To me it is natural to say thanks to the driver as I get off the bus.
Yes, I know people could argue that you've paid your fare, and you are entitled to your journey because of that....however, it's not a case of entitlement, it's good manners, and they cost nothing.
Saying please and thank you should be as natural as breathing.  What I'm saying is, if someone does something for you, it doesn't go amiss to thank them, it shows appreciation.
But more and more often those little words are forgotten, and when you use your manners, and are met with a startled look, it brings it home that children are being brought up to expect certain things from life.  I might be wrong, but this "expectation" is breeding a harder, less likable generation.
I've done my best with my three, and am always pleasantly surprised when people comment on their good manners.
I suppose what I'm getting at is manners cost nothing, but being treated politely makes a person feel that they are a useful member of society, no matter what their "position" in life.
So, thanks for reading this.

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