Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Negative sales pitch?

The national lottery are currently running a series of adverts, where celebrities are saying what they would do if they won.
Each idea is crazier than the last. Katy Price, I think it is, would air a TV channel based around her. Piers Morgan would build an amusement park, Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen would give national monuments makeovers, starting with Stonehenge, and Vinnie , forget his surname, ( the ex-footballer,) would create "anger" generating power machines.  Obviously all crazy, and the fevered dream creations of an advertising whizz kid.
But, the campaign is encouraging people to buy lottery tickets in order to make the crazy celebrity creations less likely to happen.
It's a very strange way to advertise something, but seems to be a developing trend.
On reflection, I wonder if it has any basis on the outcome of our last election, where we were promised things beforehand, and they melted into thin air afterwards?
Mind you, the trustworthiness of politicians is the subject for another post, or maybe a whole raft of posts?

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