Friday, 26 July 2013

Silver Cross

Ok...most parents will know what that title means, I will explain to others.
Last night I was watching a "documentary" about how much it cost to "raise" a child...all very topical given that the Duchess of Cambridge has just given birth.
They kept going on and on about how much everything cost...of course every new parent buys brand new for every child....get real...they don't!
Anyway, the MD or whoever he was from Silver Cross was saying how good for business it would be if the royal couple chose a Silver Cross pram/pushchair for the new baby, and how disappointed they all were that the royal couple had chosen a Bugaboo, (hope I've spelt that correctly,).
It got me thinking...if it was really good for business, why didn't Silver Cross gift the royal couple a sturdy Silver Cross pram or pushchair? Surely that would have made economic sense in the long run, gift one item to ensure the sales of many more?
Maybe I'm wrong...I seriously hope that Silver Cross baby transport is as good as it always was, and the canny parents will still chose to buy Silver Cross.
There were many other items I was cringing at during the documentary...of course the royal couple can not be seen to be using second hand goods, but the money conscious parents do....
And I hope the new baby will be using terry towelling nappies rather than disposable ones, after all, it isn't as if Kate will have to actually wash them!  After all, "Grandpa" Charles might have something to say about the eco  unfriendly disposable nappies.
And in answer to your question...Yes, all three of my children had a Silver Cross pram and pushchair.  The pram was given to me by a colleague of Dad's who had three girls, and had used the pram for each of them.  And the pushchair...bought new for Samantha ....but was still in good condition after Edwin no longer had use for it, around 8-9 years later.
So...yes, by all means buy cheaper baby items, but if you prepared to have to replace them!
And the four dozen nappies I bought for Samantha lasted through all three babies as well.

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