Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Are public sector wage rises fair?....across the board

Mr Osborne has decreed that public sector workers should only get a 1% wage rise per annum for the next two years...after having their wages frozen for THREE years!
But the public sector workers he doesn't include are MPs!
MPs are elected by the public and on paper, work for their public.  To be nit picky, they are supposed to work for those who elected them.
In my books they are also public sector workers, but has their wage been frozen for the past 3 years, are their unions now in negotiations with the employers?  NO!
These fat cats at Westminster are raking in their wages....plus expenses...when the people who put them there are struggling to pay essential household bills.
I do not wish to discuss my own financial position here, but the gap between the "workers" and the "bullshitters" is getting greater, perhaps it is time for a change?

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