Saturday, 20 November 2010

Perhaps this is a good idea?

This story is on the web news today.
I think it may be a good idea. Some people are too lazy to spell correctly.
There are at least three colleagues who work where I do constantly spell "bear" wrong. They send out whole staff e-mails asking the whole staff to "bare with" them. I think we might get into trouble if we follow the literal translation of that particular "bare".
That is not the only word that is repeatedly muddled, the many variations of to, which and there are other victims of poor spellers.
Also many people put too much trust in spellcheckers, which are often set to US English.


Michael Gradwell said...

I know someone who reminds me of Mrs Malaprop. I find it funny every time (and that's probably why Sheridan wrote about her) but I also know that it would be just as inappropriate as her words for me to laugh. The problem with laughing at misspellings is that nobody is perfect. I just hope that your colleagues don't teach English and yes pupils should be marked down for poor spelling.

There will be those with influence who say that we should not inhibit free thinking - well when do we test basic spellings?

Sea said...

the people are so called "role models" for the pupils, and they are not English teachers, or have English degrees