Thursday, 4 November 2010

Samhain/Bonfire night?

I haven't done all the relevant research ...but think I might have a link....more when I have researched.

Sunday 7th November 2010.
After hunting around a little I have found that there were bonfires around Samhain/Halloween/All Soul' it what you will, BEFORE Guy Fawkes and his companions were arrested.
Taking into consideration James I's clamp-down on anything vaguely "demoniacal", the movement of the bonfires to a week later seems a likely solution.
I think the addition of the "fireworks" possibly dates from 1605 or later, although I find it hard to believe ordinary folk could get their hands on them so long ago.
As I see it, the whole subject area has lots of research possible.
As for me, I prefer the bonfire with "bonfire" food without the fireworks, as they terrify me.
I suppose being pagan the bonfire appeals to me, and a feast is always good fun. :D

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