Thursday, 18 November 2010

No respect!

Today, I witnessed an unwarranted verbal attack on a colleague.
Afterwards the colleague was very shaken.
The verbal attack should not have happened....IF the person had gone through the correct channels.
But then again, people who think it is OK to verbally attack, and humiliate others, have little regard for correct procedures.
I went to a member of the management to say I had witnessed the incident, and the colleague did nothing to warrant the verbal abuse.
I hope I never see another colleague humiliated and upset in this way again.
School's are supposed to be secure...and visitors should sign in, and obtain visitor badges...they shouldn't just walk in. This security came in after the Dunblane incident. NORMAL people know the correct way......unfortunately the "nutters" don't, and they are the dangerous one's!

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Michael Gradwell said...

There will always be nutters around so the important thing is how senior management deals with this type of incident. I hope there are repercussions Sea, but this will depend on the strength of the senior management. Your colleague may be concerned by what happened but they should grow stronger with the correct support. You'll have to keep us posted.