Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What NOT to wear?

At all times of the year there are fashion hints and tips for the public, on what to wear, what NOT to wear.
This article is very useful in that it tells you what NOT to wear in certain countries, in order not to cause offence, at least, and avoid arrest in the extreme.
However, there really are very few articles on what combinations are bad, or just plain wrong.
I'm not claiming to be a follower of fashion or anything like that here, in fact I have my own style, and it could be considered eccentric at times, but that's just me. And luckily Doc Martens come in lots of lovely colours and patterns these days, as they are the only thing that will accommodate my orthotics, without which I would struggle to walk any distance.
Me aside, in my my docs and long, ethnic skirts, with stripey or plain socks, depending on the boots.
Why was the young woman I saw the other day, with a lovely figure, showing it off in very short shorts and skimpy top wearing Ugg type boots. Not only are they ugly, I believe that is why they have the name Ugg, but I have not yet seen anyone walking correctly in ugg type boots, everyone seems to "scutch", my term for the draggy, slidy walk all ugg type boot wearers adapt.
Living in a seaside resort I do see some rare migrants in strange clothes, but there are people walking the streets who don't seem to be in possession of a mirror, or an honest friend.
Mind you, it all helps brighten up the day.
Oh! and as a postscript, apparently Doc Martens will be one of THE types of footwear to wear over the next fashion season or two, as top models have been seen wearing them.
Yay!...I'm setting the fashion for once! rofl :)


Blue said...

You know, kids here "scutch" too when they wear boots. I'm guessing the boots are too heavy for them to properly lift off the floor when they walk. And you're right, Ugg boots are called such because they are UGG(LY).

Helen said...

I love UGGs and would have a pair if I didn't have to wear deeply sensible footwear at all times, and if I could afford them. But those people who don't seem to have a mirror, as my aunt says, 'She must be wearing it for a bet!'

Sea said...

Well....there must be a lot of betting going on around here!