Monday, 30 August 2010

To dig or not to dig?

If you a regular visitor, you will know that I live in "sunny" Morecambe! No joking, it is sunny today, there are loads of people on the prom, there's a free music festival on at The Platform, and has been since Saturday.
The beach had quite a few people on it, families, with children, enjoying the late summer sun, and even braving the water.
It made me smile to see children enjoying the sand, building sandcastles, etc. Then I saw this little kid climb out of a huge hole. The family left the beach, but the kid had a huge smile on his face. I have never dug holes, just for the fun of it, but both my sister and brother would do whenever we went on holiday as children.
So, I wonder if there are life's hole diggers, just because it's fun, like people climb mountains because they are there.
Are you a hole digger, or not? I know I'm not.

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