Saturday, 14 August 2010

Blue's visit [part 1]

Blue landed in the UK on Friday 23rd of July, and arrived in Sunny Morecambe on 24th.
Most of the day we just spent relaxing, and she got to meet my "someone special", yes, he has a name, and she does know it. We had a relaxed day with a roast for tea.
Sunday, Blue and I went to have a belated birthday lunch, for me, at the Hest Bank Hotel, Oliver had come back from Manchester as well to join us. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, chatting and reading.
Monday I drove Blue up to Kirkby Stephen for her chauffeured motorcycle tour of the Dales. I'm so glad she didn't ask me to accompany her, the helmet would have scared me. we wandered around Kirkby Stephen when she returned, then drove home. After a Nice and Spicy for tea we watched Tv and chatted. At 11.30pm I went to Lancaster station to collect another friend, 13.
On the Tuesday we three went to the Falconry Centre near Skipton. The displays were amazing, I took the wrong camera, so didn't get any photos, but I did have a Barn Owl and a young Kestrel land on my hand. Whilst we were there a local Buzzard dropped in for a visit, apparently, it has figured out, if it comes close enough it will be rewarded for it's boldness. The young Kestrel was clearly ill at ease with it though.
Wednesday we explored locally, OK..we walked along the prom and looked at landmarks.
Thursday, I took Blue and 13 to St Patrick's Chapel, whilst I went to the doctor's, then we went into Lancaster, looked around, visited Waterstones, then just before 5pm I said goodbye to them as they both caught the train down to 13s home in Gloucester.

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Blue said...

Sunny Morecambe?? When? :P

And we left on Wednesday, dear. ;o)