Monday, 2 November 2009

The Royal Mail

Currently our Royal Mail is on sporadic strike. They are protesting against the increased mechanisation. Normally I wouldn't feel that I was in a position to say anything, but as my brother has worked for the Royal Mail since he left the Royal Navy, perhaps I might have something to say.
My brother has been re-trained...with the Royal Mail picking up the tab, as a swimming instructor, and am not sure about this...but he was also looking into becoming a qualified archery instructor.
Apparently, the Royal Mail saw the imminent mechanisation, and offered to retrain employees at their own expense for the future. my brother is a fully trained swimming instructor....they get a decent rate of was in the Royal there is quite possibly a pension coming from they keep ex "staff" as reserves.
I am wondering if the only postmen who are protesting are the one's who did not take up the offer, and have only ever been postmen? I know that is sad, but surely their number of years service will count if they are made redundant? [They should do!]

On the same, but a slightly different subject.....I received a letter today. Wow! Big Deal! I hear you say. This was a letter dated 18th April arrived today 2nd November 2009......over 6 and 1/2 months late! WHY?

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