Saturday, 14 November 2009

I wonder

After reading this article, I wonder if I was the victim of the mentioned scam. After all, the collision was slow speed and took place on a roundabout, and the woman who ran into me was extremely indignant with both her and her passenger asking me why I ran into them? A few weeks later my daughter did have an accident and the woman she ran into was very apologetic and didn't know the procedure. Let's face it, who ever thinks they are going to have an accident and have to claim on their car insurance, so unless you are a salesman, someone who works for an insurance company, or a member of the police, there is no reason why you should have the procedure off pat.
It's all in the past now, and it was decided that neither party was to blame, so I got 50% of my excess back. I am extra wary at roundabouts these days, and have reverted to the thinking my driving instructor recommended. You are driving a lethal weapon, and everyone else on the road is not to be trusted. He actually said they were all idiots, and will never do the predictable, so always be aware that other drivers are unpredictable. I had mistakenly thought that the driver who ran into me would take the outer lane of the roundabout, when in fact they drove across it in a straight line with no signals.

I'll never know, but will be wary from now on.

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Michael Gradwell said...

I'm guessing that it wasn't a scam if you weren't obviously to blame. In the summer of 2008 I was walking near the entrance of Lancaster Infirmary. A pensioner was reversing out of his parking place very very slowly when a taxi driver drove very quickly and stopped right behind him. Needless to say there was an accident. Nobody would contest that it was the fault of the car that was moving. I wonder if the taxi driver had a very severe whiplash injury.