Saturday, 7 November 2009

Checking my "stash"

I have 9 x 50g balls of a cotton blend.
6 x 50g balls sirdar supreme..mohair...leaf green
7 x 50g pink mohair type
3 x 50g balls Sheena Ann mohair type..cream
1 x aran dusky pink...about 300g left of 400g ball
10 x 50 g soft touch by Wendy...think I have a project for this!
5 + big bit sirdar snuggly 4 ply in lemon
around 60-70 g of each colour in mohair thickness..of white, jade and cerise
4 x 50g balls...[plus around 30g] all same dye lot lilac aran
4 x 50g Dk cream coloured
2 x aran type large at least 300g pale green and lemon
180 g DK wool in pale grey
2 x 100g teardrops cream
10 x 50 g coolspun ocean blue colour
4 x 50g random scarf mix
There is a bit more...
like 4 x 50 g a silk mix in yellow
however..I intend to rationalise my long term stash..and if I can not find a use..I will offer up

The above is all stuff that has been sat in a box in a cupboard since I moved in here. I forget it is there and buy new for projects. I know I shouldn't but I do.

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