Sunday, 14 September 2008

Yet another Saturday night!

well, it was in the early-ish hours of Sunday morning really.
Yes! you guessed it, the neighbours couldn't let the weekend pass without some kind of entertainment.
Just before 5am a voice was shouting "move your [swearword] car!" Then there was the sound of a car being moved, and another voice yelling "don't you ever [swearword] touch my car again!" more shouting ensued. this went on for a short while, then the owner of the first voice drove off. Only to return shortly afterwards, and thump the door of the house almost! Nope! not mine, the one he lives at. But the door wasn't opened, so he kept thumping, and yelling. Just before 6am I got fed up with it all, so rang the police about the "disturbance". They said they would send someone, I don't know if they did, as I eventually managed to get back to sleep.
Who said cul-de-sacs are quiet?

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Blue said...

I didn't say it. Someone else did...