Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I believe that Freecycle started somewhere in USA. But now it is definitely over here in the UK as well.
I am a member of my local group, and get regular e-mails with OFFERED and WANTED listed, sometimes they don't catch my eye, but tonight two have.
I will always see what anyone offering "various" has to offer. The various e-mail I looked at tonight has a huge list of items, a workshop clearance.
The other that caught my eye was a WANTED request, "Big Cat Carrier", I'm sure this is a punctuation mistake, and they aren't wanting a huge basket to put a lion, tiger or some other such creature in, but who knows?

Any way, I think I should share the list of "various"

All to be picked up Wednesday evening from 6pm. Please note all a bit dusty from being in the shed.
2 besoms (broomsticks) one needs a bit of filling out
2 irons, one relatively new, the other old
Duster - yellow nylon
Toaster - small and old but works
CD player/radio
Watering can
Seed trays
Basket of old fabric paints and dyes
Budgie cage stand
Wire hanging basket
Old metal bell - has a good dong
Basket of sponges for craft purposes
Tin of drill bits
Morrocan lantern, ornate metal, in three pieces. Needs repair.
3 hand saws
3 traffic cones
Plastic containers/buckets. Various sizes
Electric seed tray/incubator type thing.
Pile of cushions. Various sizes and quality.
2 bin bags of old jumpers. Meant for felting etc but never got round to it...
Carved pine mirror on stand. Very pretty but water stained.
Pine slatted storage box. 30cm high, 37cm square.
Plastic landscape - for playing with plastic animals. Bit tatty.
Large orange fishing net. Good for displays.
Wooden folding chair
Wind break
Halogen heater
2 rotary clothes lines
Wooden play pen. No base, 3 dowels missing.
Mirror. Approx 1m high by 35cm
Bag of fabric for bunting - some pre cut.
3 cork notice boards 1 x A1, 2 x A2
3carry mats, bit tatty but useful?
Wicker paper bin
Coathangers, mainly wooden
3 oil filled radiators, one large,2 small with broken legs.
2 bookshelves approx 6ft high. Black MDF, insides decorated with colourful images.
2 clothes airers. 1 concertina, one fold out.
Phone. Scruffy but works.
Rag rug in a spider web design. Needs a good clean.
3 stacking tins (plant pot holders?)
Small white coffee cups and ceramic dishes - good for ceramic painting.
3 stacking pots. Red with white spots. Used for plant pots.
2 compost bins. 1 large dalek style, the other small and green.
Compost kitchen caddy
Terracotta tiles. Small pile measure 20cm x 20cm
Blue plastic shell (sand pit?)
Bag of decorative 'bits'.
Wooden box (garden trug?). Has handle. May need small repair.

Please email me and I'll send directions,Jen

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Blue said...

Holy SHITE that's a lot of rubbish!!

Sea said...

I know, but I started to think about the person who accumulated all that stuff