Saturday, 27 September 2008

Two weeks later!

OK, first apologies. I haven't been awfully well, mostly just very tired I haven't blogged. Hope you will forgive me?

Last Saturday evening/night ran true to form. At around 12.30-12.45 I was awoken by screaming banshees, well maybe not banshees in the true dictionary meaning of the word, but the neighbours from the row at the bottom had decided Saturday evening was a good time to have a screaming match at each other over the garden fence. That I was disturbed by, but what else I heard bothered me. At least one child was upset by what was going on, and was outside at that time of the night screaming, just as I was beginning to wonder if it would ever quieten down it went quiet. I hope someone had called the police.

Tonight I am feeling very tired, and may go off to bed early.

I saw the podiatrist on Tuesday, and she told me that I have to have the insoles in my shoes more or less forever, as if I don't my foot will collapse again, and this time it will not be able to be put right. Wonderful, no more ladylike shoes for me. Not that I went in for ladylike, but I do like my sandals. Still I'd rather be able to walk properly.
So, for future reference, if you ever see me, I'm the one with the clunky shoes, and mad socks. The stripey-er and more colourful the better as far as I'm concerned!

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