Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Yay! It's Off!

Well, I went yesterday to the hospital.

Firstly I had to go for an X-ray. The wait was about 3/4 hour, they took two.

Then I went to see the consultant's "sidekick". He was happy with the progress and said that he wanted the plaster off, and then he would look at it. I was dreading him saying, "nope, slap another one on"
After Sam and I laughing the time before, I was a little apprehensive at the cast being cut off by the saw doodah. I asked the nurse how it knew not to cut flesh?
She showed me. The blade oscillates, and only cuts hard objects. She showed me that so long as she didn't keep it still it wouldn't cut flesh. She warned me it might tickle. It did, as it vibrates as it cuts. While she was cutting the cast she told me how they used to take them off, and still do in developing countries! They use knives, and just cut into the cast!
However the lightweight casts are much easier to remove she said, as well as being lighter and stronger.
Just as she finished taking the cast off the doctor came. He was very happy with my "progress" and gave me instructions on how I should progress from now.
For now I can walk on it, but I still need crutches for the time being, I have to build up slowly, go to physiotherapy, and DO AS I'M TOLD. I go back in 6 weeks for another check up.

Now the funny bit.

A "colleague" has a habit of earwigging, (eavesdropping,) on other people's conversations, and after probably doing that, he said to someone at work that my operation had gone "disastrously wrong".........Aww! shame...I'll let him live in his fantasy world, then go back and he'll be off with PTSD because of the shock. Can't get rid of me that easily! The others know I'm OK, and NO-ONE has disabused him of his fantasy, so you can tell how well liked he is. At least that made me luagh.
I'm off for my first Physio session on Thursday. Perhaps I'll get tips on how to reduce the swelling, which I think is causing the stiffness. Mind you, I didn't use my ankle for 6 weeks, and for the previous 12 months my foot collapsed, so I have to learn to walk correctly again.

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