Sunday, 13 January 2008


I'll admit, I'm getting a little apprehensive.
I go back to the hospital tomorrow. The cast might be coming off. I won't know until they have x-rayed it.
Yes, I want it off, but wonder if my kids know that I won't be running marathons in the near future, well......never did anyway.
I know I'll have to take things slowly, keep up the weight loss I started, and still DO AS I AM TOLD!!!!!!!!!!
That last bit may be difficult for me, as I like to be independent. But if the operation hasn't worked, I will be disabled. I don't want much as I like doing my own thing, I will continue to do as I am told, for as long as it takes. Hopefully, as I should be more mobile, weight loss should be much easier.
Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

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Blue said...

I think everything's going to be FINE!!! The op went well as you've told me and you just have to make sure YOU don't take on more than YOU can handle. Make them kids do stuff!