Friday, 1 January 2016

Plans for 2016

You notice that these are plans, not resolutions.
Resolutions are usually good intentions that run out of steam very quickly.
If you read my blog, you'll know that I have reason to be making changes in my life. goes.....
Obviously I am going to find another way of making money, I might find conventional employment, or I might be working for myself, however things pan out, my life will be different in a few months.

I will still be knitting, reading, cross stitching, sewing, baking......but I have other ideas I want to explore and possibly follow up. I'll keep you updated as things develop, when I explore my ideas.

My reading plans.
1. Read a "classic" book.
2. Read a translated book.
3. Read a "classic children's book", that I haven't yet read.
4. Read some poetry.
5. Read a Shakespeare play that I haven't previously.

One of my exploring "ideas" involves me writing, perhaps the urge to write will return properly, it feels like it is beginning to already, as I have been blogging more in the last couple of weeks.  I'll try to post every day, however briefly, just to keep me going.

I'll also try to keep up my weekly kitchen challenge, and try out an "unknown" recipe every week.  The one I tried this week  was Turkish Delight, not the strangest thing I have ever created in my kitchen, but it's in the top ten.

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