Wednesday, 13 January 2016

As much use as a chocolate teapot.

Yes, I know, a strange title.
After being frustrated on the phone the other day, I have finally got through to a human being.......
But the human being I spoke to was no help at all, other than giving me two options.
I asked for information about the "rapid response team" mentioned on the government website, I was informed that the was for companies making large scale redundancies.  (No mention of it on the website, in fact the pages I was looking at were aimed at the employee NOT the employer!)
I obviously asked the person on the phone something that they knew nothing about, and felt like they had a "script" they needed to stick to, as it was like listening to a stuck record.
So.....I am letting off steam seems like there is no longer a careers advice type service provided at the local job centre, in fact it feels like the plus extra red tape, but MINUS accessibility to the general public.
Why are so many things automated these days?
Why is it difficult to get to speak to PEOPLE.....face to face?

And why do so many people use the excuse that it isn't their job, so they know nothing.  Ok, I'll let them off the last one, but they should at least have ways of contacting people who can help, if they can't.
I detest "jobsworth's" who let themselves be limited by their job description.....I can only think they must be sadly lacking in initiative, and life.

I rate my experience at maybe 3/10, and that's being generous......a chocolate teapot would be more useful.

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