Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Windfarms and windbags

Here in the UK we are getting  used to the sight of wind a large group referred to as wind turbines, or wind farms.
So why does a person, who is not a |UK resident get to take the Court of Sessions, (in Scotland,) to court, because an off shore windfarm will "spoil", (in his opinion,) the view from his "second UK golf course"?
OK, the man might be planning to build a luxury hotel and a "village" nearby....but the money this man is going to spend, the "village"  will be beyond the budget of the local residents.
Why is he contesting the windfarm....other than it will "spoil the view"?
From my first the turbines jarred with the landscape, but once you understand their role in energy production, they don't look so bad.......Plus...a row of "Windy Miller" windmills just wouldn't look right.
I'm all for alternative energy, and have said before that there is a huge "untapped" resources in London....perhaps we should see what power that "hot air" could generate first?
By the way,   I truly hope the windbag from the USA does not succeed in his case...after all the windfarm if a joint EU project...not just UK based!

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