Friday, 1 November 2013

It's already on it.

Latest Thing in the news today!  Health "bodies" want to put a 20% tax on soft drinks such as Coca Cola.  Perhaps they've never worked in the retail sector, but there is already 20% tax on such's called  VAT, and is on all non -essential items.
There are a few oddities in what are deemed non-essentials.  For example, there is VAT on energy, not at 20%, but surely energy is an essential for modern life?  (I mean gas ans electricity here.) 
Also there is VAT on "feminine hygiene products", OK, it's on men's shaving essentials as well, but it is not anti-social to grow a beard, however it would be fairly difficult for women to go about their normal routines without using feminine hygiene products as and when needed.
My point is, people should check out facts before advocating things

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