Sunday, 20 January 2013

What makes me delete e-mails

Some of my friends send me what are clearly "chain" e-mails.  Most I will read, and some I even pass on to other friends if I think they will appreciate the sentiment expressed....BUT!!!!   There is one thing that will always make me click the delete button, and that is the ones that take a preachy tone and start telling the recipient how wonderful god is and how we should all be thankful.  I don't preach to others about my beliefs, and only wish others would respect this and reciprocate.  The beliefs of an individual are just that, individual, or should be, and people who try to convert others to their beliefs should back off, and take a look at their own lives before preaching to others.


Katrin Santos said...

I agree with you. its a much better testimony to see people live a transformed life than preaching about a possibility.
what's your believe?

Blue said...

Thankfully most of my friends respect my beliefs and I get only the occasional "preachy" emails. Like you, though, I rarely forward to anyone unless I feel they would appreciate the sentiments expressed. Or unless it's funny as hell.