Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I am constantly amazed by the people who praise my baking, following their comment with the comment.  "I always make a mess of things when I try"
I just don't get this.  OK, I have been baking from a very early age, being fortunate enough to have a grandma who had been a confectioner as a profession, but I still don't understand why people say they can't bake. Cookery and baking are a type of science, and this is where I suspect the people making the comment they do, go wrong.
After all if you were trying to make soap in a laboratory, and was given a list of supplies, and they had specific wouldn't change them.  Believe me, having made soap at school in Chemistry there are reasons why you wouldn't mess around with the quantities.
So why when people are baking do they think the amount/quantities don't matter.  Baking is a chemical process.  The mixing of ingredients is essential to ensure the reaction works properly.
As regular readers will know, I work in a school, and am food technician.  I am constantly amazed that the pupils think that steam coming off the food, or from the oven is wrong, even ones who are good at science.  Perhaps they might understand better if they had the chemical reaction written out for them. Although I suspect it would look far too complicated. I don't think eggs have a simple chemical formula.
I know, I'll ask one of the Chemistry teachers. I bet it's something they have never been asked.

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