Monday, 27 December 2010

Quiet Boxing day

Yesterday I had a very quiet and fairly tense day.
I was woken by Samantha, and then Oliver brought me breakfast in bed. [A sausage butty]
But then they said that during the night at least one of the dogs had eaten a chocolate reindeer. As the dogs are not that big I was understandably on tenterhooks for the rest of the day.
I suspected it was Shadow who had eaten it, as she is much more mischievous. Also I had woken in the night to her crying, and she was sat at the bottom of the stairs with her chin on the first step.
I carried her up and she seemed happy enough.
When I walked them my suspicions were confirmed, it had been Shadow who had eaten the reindeer, as her muck smelt strongly of chocolate, and there were bits of silver paper in it.
She is still a little subdued today, or was. I just caught her swotting Spark's nose to try to get him to play.
We are usually so careful keeping things the dogs shouldn't eat away from them. It was Oliver's reindeer, I suppose he forgot about moving chocolate from the floor. It was enough to have killed her, and I think if Spark had eaten it I would have had a much worse situation to deal with, as his stomach is quite delicate.

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