Saturday, 18 September 2010

Why is every UK taxpayer paying for this?

The Pope is here...apparently.
But why are UK taxpayers footing half the bill for his visit?
It's crazy.
If the head of the Muslim faith, Sikh Faith, Hindu faith, Buddhist faith, ooops or even the head of the Jews was to come, would they get half their "visit" paid for by UK taxpayers? I think not, and I resent my tax being used for this. I don't pay much, but do not agree to us footing the bill, even if only half of it.
Vatican City is rich enough to make sure the Pope is secure whilst here.
I am NOT a catholic and object quite strongly. I wonder if there is any way the non catholics can get a tax refund? Shouldn't think so, but what about members of other recognised faiths who might like a visit from their spiritual leader, they have every right to feel annoyed as well.
On paper, I'm C of E, but my actual faith is a personal matter.
I wouldn't mind paying towards the Dali Lama to visit, although, if he was to visit I feel sure he wouldn't want all the ostentatious show that the pope has been shown.
No wonder people turn away from organised western religions with their "Sunday" morning goodness.

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