Friday, 17 September 2010

Big Brother is watching us all!

Nope, not the waste of space on channel 4 that has finally come to an end. Politics for Novices subject for today.
Everywhere we go today there are CCTV cameras, yet, why aren't they in evidence on the soaps.
For example, someone got into a fight on Coronation Street the other day, outside the Rovers Return, yet there is no CCTV camera. Most pubs have premises CCTV outside them, or nearby these days, and I am sure there are more cameras in Manchester than Morecambe, so the plot line has an unrealistic twist to it.
Similarly, Eastenders seems to have no CCTV cameras, enabling Lucas to bury someone in a public "square" .
Perhaps the script writers should address this oversight. I know "crime" plot lines help with popularity, but REALLY....they should also be relevant.

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