Saturday, 27 February 2010

Late Yule celebrations

Yes, you read it correctly.
Last night we eventually managed to have the technician's yule do. We were lacking in numbers, this is why it was so late...every date had a problem. We just went ahead and booked a table at Saffron, an Indian restaurant, for last night.
It ended up only 8 of us, including one technician's girlfriend, but we had a great time, and a good laugh.
I think we should start planning the next Yule do now, then we might get it at the right time of the year.

The other thing of note that has happened since return after half term is ...where I am in the school now. I now work 2 hours in food, 1 in ICT, and 3 in Maths per day. The Maths block is a haven of quiet in a sometimes mad, mad school. Only disrupted at change of lessons.

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